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Edvectus Video – Advice from teachers for teachers wanting to work overseas

Edvectus interviews teachers who give you the benefit of their experience – find out about teaching abroad from those who are doing it! Visit http://www.edvectus.com for more info on finding a job abroad.

The Best Job Interview Preparation Video

The Best Job Interview Preparation Video

This 10 minute video, a part of the Kaye/Bassman International Search Process, will help to ensure you have an effective interview. These best practices are all designed to keep the decision resting with you for next steps!

Your Kaye/Bassman Search Consultant is always available as a resource throughout this process: (972) 931-5242. Learn more at http://www.kbic.com.

Heat Illness Prevention Music Video

A group of school children show how to safely play outside on a hot day. The learning component of the music video utilizes the children wearing hats to protect themselves from the sun, drinking water to stay hydrated, and applying sunscreen to promote healthy outdoor behavior in the school environment. This video is ideal to show during the school day on morning announcements and in school administration offices where both children and parents are present.

Heat Illness Prevention & Treatment Video

Heat Illness Prevention and Treatment Recommendations for Employers in Warm-weather

Safety training on heat stress

How To Prevent Heat Stroke | Health Tips | Educational Video

Heat stroke is the most serious form of heat injury and is considered a medical emergency. It is caused due to exposure to high temperatures, So in this video you will find some good ways to prevent it.

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Health Disclaimer
The information on this channel is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care.You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems.Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your or your child’s condition.
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How to Prevent a Heat Stroke - Tamil

TAMIL: Prevent a heat stroke by staying hydrated. Learn other tips on treating and preventing a heat stroke to keep yourself healthy and safe.

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Survive HEAT STRESS – How to Avoid Heatstroke and Death In Hot Climate | Army Survival Video

HEAT STRESS – How to Avoid Heatstroke and Death In Hot Climate | Survival Video

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How to Prevent Heatstroke

Watch more First Aid: When Nature Attacks videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/423029-How-to-Survive-a-Heat-Wave

Heatstroke is a life-threatening illness anyone may experience if exposed to excessive heat. By taking a few commonsense precautions, heat-related illnesses and their potentially serious effects can be avoided.

Call a physician if heatstroke is suspected.

Step 1: Recognize what leads to heatstroke
Recognize that heatstroke may occur when one’s body is exposed to high temperatures or a person undertakes strenuous activity in a hot environment.

Step 2: Treat heat cramps and exhaustion
Treat heat cramps and heat exhaustion, which left untreated may lead to heat strokes.

Ask your doctor whether your prescribed medications increase heatstroke risk.

Step 3: Wear loose clothing
Wear loose, lightweight clothing to help your body stay cool when exposed to hot conditions.

Step 4: Find a cool spot
Find a cool spot, like an air-conditioned building, where you are able to remain comfortable until outdoor temperatures return to normal.

Air-conditioned movie theaters, malls, and libraries are good places to stay cool.

Step 5: Drink fluids
Drink water or electrolyte sport drinks to stay hydrated, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, which may increase dehydration.

Step 6: Avoid hot cars
Avoid sitting in hot cars — temperatures inside closed vehicles rise quickly, increasing the risk of heat stroke.

Step 7: Avoid strenuous exercise
Avoid strenuous exercise during heat spells, or schedule activities for the cooler morning and evening hours. It will go a long way in preventing heatstroke and your body will thank you.

Did You Know?
Children are at higher risk for heatstroke because their body temperature rises 3 to 5 times faster than an adult’s body temperature.
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Twitter – Nail art Designs – EASY ! Nail Designs Video Tutorial Cute Nail Polish Beginners

Nail art Designs – EASY !! Nail Designs Video Tutorial Cute Nail Polish Beginners Design . Subscribe – This is a superwowstyle (super WOW style) channel for …

3 High quality CPR video 2 12

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CPR Training Video – How to Do CPR for Healthcare Providers

This video will show you how to perform CPR and is especially for healthcare providers. Go here http://www.onlinecprcertification.net/ to learn how to correctly perform safety skills like…
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realistic CPR training video by the Paramedics at Staying Alive Australia.
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Black Hair Care Naturally – Nyraju Skin Care presents Healthy Locs Video 6 (Pt 3)

For more information visit http://healthylocsblog.com . Black Hair Care …http://www.nyrajuskincare.com, Nyesha Samuel does loc maintenance on her own hair….

I think I’ve found an effective natural skin care regimine! I’ve been using this regimen for 1.5 months and haven’t had any breakouts. Products Mentioned: Em…