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US Soccer Unveils New Player Safety Initiative “Recognize to Recover

US Soccer Unveils New Player Safety Initiative “Recognize to Recover
The program also implements protocol for other safety concerns such as heat-related illness, dehydration, heart health, nutrition and injury prevention. “Recognize to Recover will lead to better awareness and understanding of player health and safety …
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Chipotle E. coli outbreak reaches six states, shares tumble
The outbreak expanded with new Chipotle-linked E. coli cases reported in California, Ohio, NewYork and Minnesota, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. The CDC said 45 people got sick from the E. coli O26 outbreak strain, and of …
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One Decision (Child Safety Film – Vehicular Heatstroke)

This is a Reenactment and no one was harmed in the making of this film.

One Decision is a film that we are very passionate about. We made this film in hopes to prevent child injuries or death. Every 10 days a child dies from vehicular heatstroke. Join us in this cause by sharing this film with everyone you know.

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Director: Isaac Barker
Writers: Scott Stowers, Michael Corbett, Isaac Barker
DP: Isaac Barker
Editors: Isaac Barker, Michael Corbett, Scott Stowers
Camera Operator: Jorden Nash/Hopscotch F/X
Music: Pond5.com (Above Everything- Capo Productions)
Shockwave-sound.com (Unless- Dan Morrissey)

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Here is the link to a new iphone app that will help parents remember that their child is in the car: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/before-leaving/id719622441?ls=1&mt=8

Follow the links below to find out about a new product that will cool your car down when the car is turned off. Great product for vehicular heatstroke safety and for keeping your car cool before you enter it.



Smith and Edwards: http://www.smithandedwards.com/

Techna Glass: http://www.technaglass.com/index.php

North View Fire District: http://northviewfire.com/

Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division: http://mved.utah.gov/

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How many wild horses will die before BLM gives them shade?

Sprinkler mitigation a farce–will not prevent heatstroke, illness or death, just bad press

RENO, NV (June 30, 2013)–With the western heat wave in the triple-digits, captive wild horses are at risk of heatstroke and death because they have no shade. Close to 1,800 native wild horses are ‘processed’ and eventually transferred by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) at the Palomino Valley Center (PVC). Rarely are they adopted due to poor marketing and customer service.

“Putting sprinklers in a few pens appears to be a publicity stunt when what they really need to do is create shade for this emergency situation,” states Anne Novak, executive director for Protect Mustangs. “The BLM is full of excuses of why they can’t create shade when they need to cowboy up and make it happen.”

The few sprinklers BLM installed this weekend are not only a waste of water during the drought, but appear to be a BLM publicity stunt to water down public outrage spreading across social media. Wild horses are not going to be cooled off by a random sprinkler in select pens. They might roll in the mud but most skidish wild horses will be scared of sprinklers.

Emergency shade is needed urgently. The June 9th press release requesting shade for captive wild horses had been ignored so Anne Novak, executive director of Protect Mustangs and Nevada Senator Mark Manendo contacted BLM officials in Washington last week requesting emergency action to create shade.

“The pens are huge with so many wild horses trapped in the triple-digit heat,” explains eye witness Taylor James who photographs wild horses in the Reno area. “The only way to ensure their health in the pens is with shade.”

An equine facility about 8 miles up the road provides shade for the equines in their care. The BLM requires adopters to provide access to shade for adopted wild horses and burros. Why is the mega facility exempt from basic horse care?

The Department of Interior and the BLM have access to engineers who can easily solve the shade problem. The BLM employees are paid to care for the wild horses and burros–yet without shade their job is doomed to failure.

How many unbranded wild horse foals die during heat waves? Facilities such as Palomino Valley don’t keep track of the unbranded young dead foals according to their public affairs officer, Heather Emmons.

The BLM needs to solve the problem they created by rounding up and stockpiling American icons of freedom in the pens. Fertility control is premature as there is no evidence of overpopulation according to the National Academy of Sciences.

“If the government can send people into space then they can figure out how to shade the captive wild horses or just return them to the range,” states Novak. “In the wild they can migrate to shady areas. In captivity it’s cruel to deny them shade.”

Triple-digit heat waves can cause heatstroke and death for equines left out in the sun with no shade.

According to the article on heatstroke in Overheating and Heat Stress in Horses by Gary P. Carlson, D.V.M., PhD.

“. . . The clinical signs of heat stroke are depression, weakness, lack of appetite and a refusal to continue exercising . . . Despite elevated body temperature, the sweating response is inadequate, therefore, hot, dry skin is indicative of impending heat stroke. Depression and weakness may progress to ataxia (inability to coordinate voluntary muscular movement), collapse, convulsions, coma or death.”

Life saving care involves taking rectal temperatures, lowering body temperatures rapidly in the shade using fans, hosing down with water, applying ice packs and water enemas–hardly possible for treating untamed wild horses.

The BLM’s minor sprinkler mitigation appears to be a publicity stunt to avoid bad press. The sprinklers won’t cool down heat wave temperatures. Most pens are huge and don’t have sprinklers. The majority of wild horses won’t get sprinkled because they will run away.

What the wild horses need is access to shade. The BLM is responsible to care for wild horses and burros humanely after rounding them up. . .

For more info and to see the sources for this press release visit Protect Mustangs dot org

Video taken June 30, 2013 at Palomino Valley Center (PVC) for processing and adoption outside Reno, NV © Taylor James. Media may contact Anne Novak: Anne at Protect Mustangs.org for written permission to use.
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Heat Illness Prevention and DIR Safety Campaign 2010

Please note: Cal/OSHA’s Heat Illness Prevention regulations were amended in August 2010 and this presentation does not include the amended language. Please check Cal/OSHA’s website on heat illness prevention at http://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/HeatIllnessInfo.html for the current regulations and requirements.

Health and safety at the forefront

Health and safety at the forefront
#In a US News and World report article, a total of 40 high school football players have died from heat stroke since 1995, with five of those deaths occurring in 2011, and dozens more are hospitalized each year with heat-related illness, according to …
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Q&A: Obama's narrowly confirmed surgeon general on fostering a culture of
Dr. Vivek Murthy: The surgeon general has played an important role. In the eyes of the public, the role of the surgeon general is important in addressing key issues like obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes, the opioid addiction that is ravaging …
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Consumer Reports points to bacteria in ground beef, while USDA and other
WASHINGTON, Aug. 25, 2015 – A new study from Consumer Reports (CR), the organization known for investigating and rating all sorts of consumer goods from cars to countertops, found high levels of what they deemed “dangerous” strains of bacteria in …
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Leaders strive to keep Soldiers safe from heat injuries
The Fluid Replacement and Work/Rest Guide within the Heat Illness Prevention Guide advises work-to-rest ratios, as well as how many quarts of water per hour should be consumed when the WBGT is high. Additional mitigation factors include immersion …
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Safety tips to prevent heat stroke

Safety tips to prevent heat stroke

Many are exposed to extreme heat in hot environments, Atom Araullo shares his safety tips to prevent heat stroke.

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Preventing Heatstroke PSA #2

Prevent heatstroke in children by keeping cars locked.
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ADs take safety measures as fall prep sports practices loom

ADs take safety measures as fall prep sports practices loom
Heat illness, or heat exhaustion, is caused by high temperatures and humidity. Symptoms include cramps, nausea, heavy sweating and fainting, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Heat illness is dangerous and can affect the …
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THE LIST: 5 healthy tips to beat the heat
The summer heat and humidity are in full force. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that extreme heat events, or heat waves, are a leading cause of extreme weather-related deaths in the United States and that older adults (65 years …
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Childproofing Your Home – Eletrical Safety Sliding Plate Covers

Childproofing Your Home - Eletrical Safety Sliding Plate Covers

http://www.childproofmyhome.com Eletrical shock scares us all, Childproofing your home to prevent this couldn’t be easier. http://www.childproofmyhome.com/store has everything you need to make your home baby proof.

Safety While Deep-Frying a Turkey

If you have 90 seconds, let HensonFuerst Attorneys share some safety tips about how to deep-fry a turkey. Don’t let a cooking disaster ruin your holiday dinn…
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how to deep fry a turkey the proper way. Safety and prep tips included

my attempt at giving an informational video on how to properly deep fry a turkey. my video makes no claim of any issues you may have and or make me liable fo…
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Personal Safety Tips

Commander James of University of Nevada, Reno Police Services covers general safety tips.
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