Successful Job Interview Phone Interview Mastery.mp4

Successful Job Interview Phone Interview Mastery.mp4

Phone interviews can be challenging but these simple tips cold make you the standout candidate. Plus help relieve your anxiety. video with mistakes hiring managers wish you would stop making! You’ll see improvement in your interviews with this information.

Good luck. And don’t forget to leave me your pressing questions about interviews. I’ll be happy to share my recruiter’s perspective.

The video is filmed for students outside EU who are interested to come to UK, hoping its a dream land for them, they would have an idea of what is actually happening here . Interview has been conducted from students living here from 4 months to 5 years.


  1. Manikanta L says:

    amazing, really liked it..

  2. Jess d says:

    Amazing tips! I have a phone interview tomorrow and I am preparing so thank you for this. Interviews are so nerve wracking- but for me the phone is even worse because I am pretty insecure about my voice. I am going to read my practice questions aloud and really try to perfect them!

  3. Paul Gordon says:

    I very much appreciate the great, down-to-earth, sound advice you provide throughout your videos. Thanks so much!

  4. Stamford Bridge says:

    thanks for providing this vedio,it's very useful. More interview materials: #Top17TipsToWinEveryJobInterviews

  5. Food Mood Health Happiness says:

    Good advice thanks!

  6. Balaji .V says:

    well done, preciously what I was looking for my next week phone interview !

  7. Simone Lawson says:

    Wonderful tips!   I will definitely use them..

  8. Jayeezy Liu says:

    Phone interview is about testing your communication skills.

  9. Archie Durham says:

    Very useful, especially the points about not talking too much & babbling. 

  10. Neha Shah says:

    Indeed very useful and I am sure I would crack my upcoming telephonic interview with ease and confidence.
    Thank you Mrs. Brooks for all those important tips and strategies to present for a telephonic interview

  11. hunter hollis says:

    I was rejected as soon as I started talking

  12. Jacqueline Brooks says:

    That was amazing , I talk to people on the phone a lot and this interview information was right on time , Thanks for sharing. Mrs. Brooks

  13. Vishnu Mahadeshwar says:

    Great material / tips for phone interview. Very helpful 5 tips. Thank You.

  14. Endy says:

    Great tips, I have a phone interview in the next one hour and I am looking forward to applying it.

  15. Chocobitties says:

    The editing for this video is terrible and distracting. It seems like this video is almost on a word budget and words, even necessary, transitory words are cut out for no apparent purpose. The video is already 6 minutes long. The 20-30 seconds those extra words would have added would have been preferable to the disjointed clipping that occurs throughout this video.

  16. Johnny D says:

    This is wonderful information! Thank you!

  17. Katherine Moody says:

    Good question! As a recruiter I always talk about comp before scheduling any further interviews.
    If the recruiter hasn't asked about your compensation, you can ask if the two of you could talk about it before scheduling a phone call. I know that's kind of scary because it may mean no phone interview. But if the comp isn't right, why spend the time? If there is flexibility, now is the time to know.

    It's rare to have them fall so deeply in love that they will pay more than their range.

  18. clark kevin says:

    All of your tips were really needed, it would be much nice if you could give us more tips!

  19. rodge green says:

    very well said! Bulls eye!! 🙂

  20. 9.3.R. says:

    Thanks for the guide and tips. 🙂

  21. Thong Xuan Nguyen says:

    First thing we should do to make money online 🙂

  22. Khan Khans says:

    Great brothers for sharing such a useful information and putting your efforts to make people understand that they should not take this extreme step. may allah bless you all and keep problems away from you. Ameen. Your indian brother !