Network Africa: 2 Billion At Risk Of Zika Virus In Africa, Asia

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Why Zika was just declared a global health emergency.

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Three years ago, the Zika virus was nowhere to be found in the Western Hemisphere. To date, the largest outbreak occurred in French Polynesia in 2013 with 383 reported cases. But in 2015, Brazil suddenly found itself with an unprecedented Zika outbreak. More than a million people have been infected by the mosquito-transmitted—and potentially sexually transmitted disease.

The mosquito-borne virus doesn’t seem to harm most of its victims. But there’s increasing evidence that it can cause serious damage to the brains of fetuses and, in rare instances, devastating neurological problems in adults.

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  1. nepo says:

    Hope Solo

  2. freeman says:

    too many humans

  3. Xtatic says:

    ive never seen them spray for mosquitos and ive been here since 2016 traveled from tampa to jacksonville to florida keys and in between its worse than ebola it attacks the brain and nervous system gives you headaches and flu and ive been bitten thousands of times all over florida theres billions of mosquitos and they are not spraying for them they only show small video clips and anywhere else out of state when they spray for mosquitos it kills them so bad that your good for the rest of the year and here there everywhere trillions of them and they dont spray the everglades or area around it its a mess and lots of people are dieing but they lie and say it cant be confirmed its related to zika posted Aug 20,2016

  4. Nau seous says:

    Cause of ZIKA virus, isn't Zika it's pesticides, it's Monsanto!

  5. Dedsec says:

    can we die

  6. Audrey Andea says:

    why dont kill the damn mosquitos already?

  7. Ryan Westley says:

    Sounded like she was struggling to read that script.

  8. mosot624 says:

    Brazilians are KROGANS

  9. Theyungcity23 says:

    A friend's relative got the virus way in northern illinois

  10. Dongseong Hwang says:

    Women athlete who have plan to get pregnant should not go to Rio summar Olympics?

  11. White Hawk39 says:

    OK,so in 2 years,women can get pregnant again. good thing I'm not a grown up yet😅😅

  12. xCaptxCrunchx says:

    Didn't really explain Zika, the video basically stated don't get pregnant. lol

  13. LVC85costa says:

    Tin foil hat here, Larvicide created by Monsanto backfired. Zika has been around for ages, the microcephaly in babies wasn't…. until now.

  14. Alex Stefanov (umnikos) says:

    if the infected baby dies: the mother is really sad. if the baby lives: it's gonna live with a mental disorder. This is very sad…

  15. Graham J says:

    A bank holds the patent on this virus. Bill Gates has been working with a Japanese company Oxitec, developing mosquitoes that can deliver vaccines. Monsanto also plays a role in this, and the events in Brazil were most likely due to a genetic-engineering mishap with the mosquitoes.
    Monsanto then pressured the U.S. government to allow dumping RoundUp into American lakes and rivers to 'combat' the problem they created.
    I'm more scared of the vaccinating mosquitoes than any Zika virus.

  16. Isabella Lazuli moon 2 says:

    Going to Peru next year…not excited anymore

  17. David Noble says:


  18. David Noble says:

    Where did Zika begin? Google the Zika patent owned by the Rockerfellow Foundation. That means that it was invented, as something new, useful and valuable. It sure is: they are selling it for $599 per vile to people who are qualified to have it for research into how to control it.

  19. grand master flash says:

    is this illuminati at work. good way to depopulate get it?? they up there work by a huge notch with this one. no more traveling no more making babies. there you have it.

  20. grand master flash says:

    after two years this should have a trillion view!! wtf