King Of Hearts Poker Nail Art Tutorial

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  1. Tahara Speight says:

    Very talented!!!

  2. HannahCrews says:

    This is awesome!!!! But needs a bit more cleaning up around the nail

  3. KatieAzerzx says:

    Omg this is literally amazing!! You are so talented!! I’ve just uploaded a
    ‘playing cards’ themed nail art tutorial which is a much simpler design
    than this if anyone wants to check it out? I’m definitely going to try your
    version and hope it looks half as good haha 

  4. ΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΑ ΑΝ. says:


  5. therealwillowgrace says:

    She has to be ambidextrous! ( yes I know I did not spell it right! )

  6. Shayenne Verbeek says:

    Wauw, nice idea ! i gonna try this too : )

  7. Ariel Chua says:


  8. rosa conde says:

    omg!!! ;O

  9. TaylorInNeverland says:

    You make it look so easy!! : )

  10. obbsession101 says:

    @RoseTyler241 ikrr sameee hhahaha

  11. Crystal Price says:


  12. Charlotte Gilpin says:

    i can do this… just choose not to;]

  13. Leimun Leong says:

    what a creative idea! gonna try this later! *excited!

  14. A7laLolitaa says:

    Dude, you know English people spell it “colour”, right? Same goes for

  15. Zorralalientje says:

    Sorry, I saw this kind of comments at more nailart videos, and i was just
    like:”No, this is annoying!!!” Sorry, was a bit to irritated or something
    like that.

  16. Sweetheart Nail Art says:

    Did you change your youtube name? :0

  17. lealamotte1 says:


  18. Brianasbeauty says:

    prettty, but would of taken FOREVER!

  19. toona750 says:


  20. BeYouSelf02 says:

    OMG!!! That is sooo cool!!!

  21. jcortez948 says:

    That’s sooooo hard

  22. TJ says:

    Du hast ECHT Talent…if you read this and do NOT understand…try to
    understand :)

  23. OnewLOVESchicken says:

    woah….You have so much patience!!!!!!!!! OoO

  24. MultiPinkCloud says:

    omg thats soooo hard :(

  25. Genocider Syo says:

    It’s British spelling, so it can be right both ways c: