Job Interview Skills – 09 tips to write an effective Job resume.

Job Interview Skills – 09 tips to write an effective Job resume.

09 tips to write an effective Job resume.

Hiring managers and Job recruiters alike say they’ve seen more poorly written resumes cross their desks recently than ever before. In this lesson on Job Interview Skills you will learn how to attract more Job interview offers and ensure your Job resume doesn’t eliminate you from consideration by following these tips:

Contact information goes to the heading-

Your heading should include your full name, address with the postal code, phone number and email. If your email address doesn’t look professional, change it before including it on your resume.

Stay Away from Anything Personal

Don’t mention anything personal that is not related to the job. Age, date of birth, marital status shouldn’t be mentioned at all. The use of photos is not recommended either unless your personal appearance is a key to this particular job. For example: TV host, movie actor.

Create a Clear Objective

Your career objective statement should be short, clear and to the point. It is an objective relevant to your current resume not to your personal plans for the next five years.

Leave Some Information for the Skills and Qualifications Section

The Education and Skills & Qualifications sections are two different things. Degrees, school or university name, year of graduation go in the Education section of your resume. Skills, computer literacy, certificates, languages etc. go in the Skills & Qualifications section and must be relevant to the job you are applying for and to your objective.

Use Action Verbs and Numbers

The use of action verbs and numbers helps to demonstrate accomplishment, especially when it comes to description of your qualifications and work experience. Simply listing your duties and responsibilities is not enough; add some impact to your work experience, mention the numbers of new clients you attracted to a company, the results of the campaign you implemented, the percentage of increase in annual sales you contributed to, etc.

Use Buzzwords

Remember that your resume may be read by a computer. Resume-scanning software is set up in a way that it picks up keywords and industry jargon related to a certain job posting. Before writing a resume, re-read the job description and write down all the buzzwords you see.

Don’t be Afraid to Use a Second Page

A one-page resume is a commonly-used recommendation which is hardly realistic to follow. Don’t feel that you must limit the resume to one page, think about the most relevant information you better include on this page. If you do use a second page, include a header with your name and contact information at the top of this page.

Review Your References

Prepare the list of your references in advance as almost every employer asks for it, if not up front, then after the first interview or two. The most common practice is putting the phrase “References available upon request” at the bottom of your resume.
Your references’ contacts must be good as they will certainly be checked! For references prepare a separate page with the same header you used for the resume.

Prepare a Cover Letter

While preparing a resume, don’t forget to write a cover letter. There are fewer chances that you will be invited to an interview without a well-written cover letter.

A Job cover letter reveals information and skills that often can’t be demonstrated in a resume, such as ability to communicate in writing, personal writing style, professionalism, attention to details in grammar, punctuation and spelling, initiative and many more. So, remember to devote some time to writing an effective cover letter and meticulously proofread it, along with your resume.
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    Never use words like- may be, kind of, I think so.. Some of these words show you are not confident in your answers..
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    In Interview never say you are confident, show them your confidence, be bold, make eye contact with all panel members, your voice should be audible enough. Wear a Smile through out.
    Your suit is indeed important but so is your posture, body language as it is non verbal communication.