Georgia Assistance Programs

Georgia Assistance and Aid Programs.

Find how to get assistance in all cities and counties in Georgia, including Atlanta and Augusta. In addition to the assistance programs offered by the state of Georgia that you will find below, there are organizations and charities that can provide additional help.

Rent Assistance From Housing Choice Voucher Program This is an assistance program that helps low income families and individuals with paying rent, and works with them to rent decent and safe dwelling units in the private rental market. The program helps maintain their monthly rent and housing payments at an affordable amount. (888) 858-6085.

After School Services Available for youth ages 6 through 19. The majority of children and youth served in this program come from low-and moderate income families. The primary components of after school and summer programs include academic enrichment activities, physical activity, health education, and teen employment opportunities.

PeachCare for Kids This is a low cost or free health insurance program for children up to age of 19. It can help families pay for medical bills and health care expenses. This plan is free for children under age six. 1-877-GA-PEACH


Subsidized Child Care – Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS) This assistance program will help Georgia families pay for early childhood and school age care programs and will help pay for child care bills. State subsidized care is available for kids from the age birth to age 13, or up to age 18 if the children has special needs. 1-800-869-1150, or read Georgia child care programs.

Georgia Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) This is the monthly cash assistance grant program intended for poor families with children under age 18. Call 1-800-869-1150


Georgia Foreclosure Aid and Mortgage Help Georgia has a number of foreclosure programs that assist families with the avoiding and stopping the foreclosure process. Various mortgage assistance and counseling programs are available as well. Read more.

In addition, find a listing of non-profit organizations in Georgia that are HUD approved, and that may be able to offer additional mortgage and foreclosure prevention solutions. Read more.

Job Training and Government Grants Dozens of community action agencies help low income families and people faced with poverty. The centers focus on employment and educational programs. Some locations may offer grants for paying bills, rent, and medical costs in a crisis. Read more community action agency in Georgia.

Georgia Career Counseling and Resources for Unemployed Whether you want a better job or are currently unemployed, Workforce Centers and offices across the state can provide clients with free support and assistance. Programs can provide counseling, resume review services, information on government training and more. Continue.

Free Legal Tips and Counseling If you are a Georgia resident and have a civil case that you need legal advice or representation for, there are ways to get help with your troubles. Click here to read more on legal assistance.

Social Services and Crisis Assistance The state of Georgia offers cash assistance and other aid from the human services department. Funds can help the low income pay for food, electric bills, medical expenses, and more. Also get access to job training and career counseling. Read more Georgia public assistance.

Georgia Food Stamp This program will provides monthly benefits to low-income households that need help and it will assist them with paying for the cost of food. A household may be a family, one person living alone, or several, unrelated individuals who are living together who routinely purchase and prepare their meals together. Anyone may apply for food stamp benefits. This aid and voucher program will help households that have limited resources and income. 1-800-869-1150

Low Cost or Free Health Care Find information on clinics and other medical centers that provide health care to the low income and others. These are in addition to programs you can find in your county. Learn more on Georgia community clinics.

Dental care is also offered by other centers. Numerous services may be offered, including cleaning and preventative care, from free Georgia dental clinics. Read more.

Medical care is available for individuals who do not have health insurance. Georgia and its partner agencies provide services ranging from prescription medications, health care screenings, and assistance for pre-existing conditions. Continue with uninsured health care in Georgia.

Energy Company Programs Most utility companies in Georgia offer their own comprehensive assistance programs. Funds can pay for electric and/or summer cooling bills. Get more details on Georgia utility bill programs.

Help for Seniors in Georgia Older residents, the elderly and senior citizens can call a local Agency on Aging office. These locations provide a number of services and assistance programs, including medications, food, home care, and referrals and information on financial assistance. Continue.

Emergency Aid and Social Services One of the leading non-profits in Georgia is the Salvation Army. They can provide food, housing, emergency rental and utility help, and other support such as holiday meals and gifts. Read more Georgia Salvation Army.

Food Banks and Pantries Numerous clinics and distribution centers operate across Georgia. They may be able to provide free or low cost food and groceries to the needy and low income. Click here.

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