Elegant Nail Tip- EASY nail designs for short nails- nail design and nail art tutorial

website for girls and women – http://www.babytoteens.com/ Elegant Nail Tip- EASY nail designs for short nails- nail design and nail art tutorial- elegant fre…
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  1. Phyllis Moore says:

    very pretty!

  2. 지 숙진 says:

    You make it look so easy!!

  3. sabrina thegoodwitch says:

    Ok and i saw it. U are the best. Thank u

  4. SuperWowstyle says:

    :-) thanks !

  5. Spleanda Choco says:

    short nail..? Lol

  6. SuperWowstyle says:


  7. SuperWowstyle says:

    awww.. thanks :-)


    i like doing design on my nails but how she do it its better than mine

  9. SuperWowstyle says:

    thanks dear!

  10. Spleanda Choco says:

    OH! I thought you were saying you have short nails! and anyway im a huge
    fan! i LOVE Your nail art!

  11. myfavibykeer says:


  12. Sophie Loves Sparkle says:

    Stunning x

  13. SuperWowstyle says:

    I did it on long nails, but you can easily create this on short nails too.
    Some designs you will see are such that they are only meant for a
    particular nail length, and some for all kinds of lengths. A viewer once
    mentioned that she finds it tough to decide which ones are for what. So i
    mention ‘short nails’ wherever appropriate!

  14. SuperWowstyle says:

    its a simple paint brush… check ur inbox.. i am sending u a link of how
    to make ur own nail art brushes … so u can know in detail :-)

  15. Maran Nacional says:

    Hi, are you using nail polish or acrylic paint?

  16. lily Barr says:

    Nice Design.

  17. sabrina thegoodwitch says:

    Where or what is that name of that brush u be using.