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Pharmacist sprays robber in face with pepper spray… meant for GRIZZLY BEARS

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This video was taken down by YouTube 10 minutes after uploaded but was then brought back an un-banned 5 months (this month) later which explains the view cou…

How to Make a Stun Gun

Feautures how to make a stun gun out of a disposable camera with flash.
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*Real Test* Me vs. Barracuda BC37 Stun gun 3,700,000 volts. The real lowdown and showdown.

STUN GUNS ARE A SCAM! I do not mean to sound aggressive in this video. I am just pumped up and showing that after use on an attacker/threat they would still…
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Danny, Mike, and Tom zapping each other.
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Stun Gun Stool Fight

Stun Gun Stool Fight.

Modern TASER weapons are not the same as handheld stun guns. Stun guns are a terrible choice for personal defense. Watch Complete Episodes of Student of the …

Multiple Pepper Sprays Compared: Mace Triple Action, Sabre Red, and others

Testing the spray pattern and easy of deployment of many different types and brands of Pepper Spray (OC). I could NOT test “effectiveness” of the chemicals, …
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A full review of the Mace Pepper Gun, a trigger activated OC spray. Includes a description of the unit’s operation and a demonstration of its use. The Mace P…

What kind of weapon is more effective for Self-Defense, Pepper Spray or Stun Gun?

I have been teaching Self-Defense for years and there is one question that people keep asking me. “What should I carry with me for self-defense?” The answer …
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3.5 million volt stun gun

A stun gun is not as cool as you think it might be. Watch me use it on myself.

Personal Safety Tips

Commander James of University of Nevada, Reno Police Services covers general safety tips.
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Personal Safety Tips for Women

Tracy and Charley Vega have the tools to help keep you safe and possibly improve your odds of survival.

How women can stay safe when meeting with sellers at properties.

Personal Safety Tips for Adults

More Safety Tips:
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