5 Secret Zika Facts They Are Not Telling You

What are they not telling us everything about the Zika virus outbreak? Conspiracy theories from GMOs and pesticides to government cover-ups and secret bioweapons…
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Intro: “The Machine Thinks”
by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. Sizzorfite says:

    You can your very own Zika virus here.. https://www.atcc.org/products/all/VR-84.aspx#history

  2. MRCHAOTIC2313 !!!!!!!!!! says:

    start putting fetuses to sleep just sayin

  3. H.U.D. Shute says:

    Back to the Neanderthal stages of human evolution. Do we know if any of these babies lose any mental skills? Perhaps they are just as smart but don't have what they will never use anyway.

  4. mourningwarbler says:

    Any documentation?

  5. Metin X says:

    Once infected does it go away, if its not what happens if you get infected and it does nothing and year later you get pregnant does it have a effect on your birth?

  6. Wonder Sims says:

    Watch out for Vaccines, they are the most responsible causes.

  7. larry sellers says:

    this means in the future, everyone's gonna look like captain spalding

  8. john edwards says:

    ever considered talking in your videos?

  9. cpesprit says:

    FEAR PORN. who created the Virus ?

  10. _saltycrybaby _ says:

    3:00 f that

  11. Jungle Jargon says:

    Zika is a one time infection and 80% of those infected have no symptoms while a small percentage of those with symptoms also had microcephally birth, which could have been caused by pesticides. Columbia has zika and no cases of microcephally.

  12. Lee Sakesushihentai says:

    the baby in the thumbnail looks kinda like the rapper pitbull

  13. James Behrje says:

    I called bull shit in this story when I first saw it in the news. they are covering something up. that's for sure. If not they are creating a story to distract the world's attention from something else! ! ! I personally think it has to do with creating the NEW WORLD ORDER! ! ! I think this virus had been in America for quite some time now. I have a friend who had a baby that died that was born with micro insephaly about 2 yrs ago. She lives in Fort Lauderdale 40 miles away from where the so called start of the outbreak in Florida has started. It's been here for a long time.

  14. Roger Bonner says:

    This is good video, Isubbed.

  15. Shannon Mc Nally says:

    they want to kill 6.1 Million of us to our death so they come up with these viruses so it doesn't look like they are really killling us

  16. Pansy Blackwell says:

    What is Puerto Rico waiting for? they have begun aerial spraying in Miami-Dade.

  17. Brian Molina says:

    My mom is pregnant and she's been bitten 😰

  18. Stephen Goodall says:

    Zika Propaganda Warning!!!!!!!!!! Pyriproxyfen insecticide not used in Columbia. Jan 2016 20,000 zika babies not one with microcephaly. Look it up, spread the word. They will gas us and force vaccines upon us if you don't. Pesticides and Vaccines are very profitable. If you say nothing, buy stock now.