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Overseas Jobs, 1, Abba Career Guidance & Counseling, Dr. Paul Prathap Jayaraj, Ph: 91 984 082 4403

Dr. Paul Prathap Jayaraj’s interview.
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Funny Job interview India

Guys Titu and the manager are back – Enjoy the part-2 –


Funny Desi HR Interview performed by Ravi J Singh and Prakash Rawat at Fun Friday activity.

We won first prize for this. The script was penned by me 😉
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Job Interview....good example

Job Interview….good example

c# interview questions and answers
This teacher interview guide with sample teacher interview questions and answers will help teacher candidates face their job interview with confidence and poise. The teacher interview panel seeks to select the person they think will make the best teacher and do the most for their school. This guide by Tim Wei will assist candidates in their preparation and to conduct themselves so as to be a strong candidate. To see this video on YouTube, please go to :-

One concern creating the greatest anxiety among candidates is the fear they will be asked tough questions; questions to which they just do not have good answers. At almost every interview, they’ll be at least one question that will be a curve ball. Unfortunately, candidates cannot prepare for every possible interview question. However, they can do research on interview questions and make advance preparations for the more common questions, which will constitute the bulk of the interview questions. Candidates who are prepred for the common questions will be in a better position to marshall their mental resources to answer the tougher questions.

In case you missed it, the eight questions that were covered in this video are as follows.

1. Tell us about yourself?
2. Why do you want to teach at this particular school?
3. Describe in detail your discipline philosophy?
4. Where do you see yourself in five years?
5. How would you handle a gifted student?
6. How do you communicate with parents?
7. Do you feel it’s appropriate for kids to use the internet at school?
8. How much homework do you give?

The answers to these questions that are given in the video are based on Tim’s guide, which can be found at :-

Thanks for watching and reading!

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Food and beverage manager interview questions and answers

Interview questions and answers ebook:

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How to Communicate Your Strengths in a Job Interview

Do you know what really happens in your home when you are away? Now you can.

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You know this is the job for you. Here’s how to convince the person doing the hiring.

Step 1: List your strengths
Determine what your strengths are. Include specific skills, like ‘proficient in HTML,’ as well as general qualities, whether it’s being ‘a big-picture person’ or having ‘great attention to detail.’

Step 2: Relate to the job
Now correlate each skill to the current opening. Think hard about how all of your abilities can be put to use at the position you want.

Ask friends and coworkers what they see as your strengths—their answers might help you see yourself in a new light.

Step 3: Prepare for questions
Prepare for difficult questions. If you quit your last job to follow a band on tour, be ready to put a positive spin on it—maybe you were considering writing a book about the experience rather than just goofing off?

Step 4: Use a thesaurus
Get out the thesaurus and look for words to describe your attributes that aren’t as clichéd as ‘hard-working,’ ‘dedicated,’ and ‘team player.’ Or else you might as well say, ‘I work hard, yadda yadda.’

Step 5: Think up examples
Come up with concrete examples of your attributes. For example, if you plan to say, ‘I’m a good manager,’ be ready to follow it up with proof of how you spurred people into action.

During the interview, be confident but not cocky. Overconfidence is just as unappealing as its opposite.

Step 6: Turn negatives positive
Turn negatives into positives. If you’re asked why you only stayed at your last job for six months, say it was a bad fit and you didn’t want to remain where you felt you couldn’t do your best.

Don’t badmouth your former employer, no matter how tempting. You’ll look unprofessional and give the interviewer reason to suspect you’re difficult to work with.

Step 7: Own your weaknesses
If, despite all your preparation, a weakness is revealed during the interview, don’t panic. Owning your weaknesses can be a strength. Acknowledge them and say how you plan to overcome them.

Did You Know?
‘So, why don’t you tell me about yourself?’ is the most frequently asked job interview question.
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The 10 hardest interview questions in Britain – can you answer them?

The 10 hardest interview questions in Britain – can you answer them?
“These interviews questions may sound crazy and you could argue that very few people would actually know the answer. However, by throwing in such a wildcard, potential employers are testing strength of character, logical thinking and how the applicant …

Successful Job Interview Phone Interview Mastery.mp4

Successful Job Interview Phone Interview Mastery.mp4

Phone interviews can be challenging but these simple tips cold make you the standout candidate. Plus help relieve your anxiety. video with mistakes hiring managers wish you would stop making! You’ll see improvement in your interviews with this information.

Good luck. And don’t forget to leave me your pressing questions about interviews. I’ll be happy to share my recruiter’s perspective.

The video is filmed for students outside EU who are interested to come to UK, hoping its a dream land for them, they would have an idea of what is actually happening here . Interview has been conducted from students living here from 4 months to 5 years.

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c# interview questions and answers
Top answers to the job interview question “Tell me about yourself?”
Many candidates miss the opportunity to answer effectively this initial yet important job interview question.
Learn what potential employers want to hear about you and how to introduce yourself in the best way you can.
Needless to say, your answer to this initial question is crucial to your success.
This question is frequently asked at the VERY beginning of the interview.
A good answer can influence the rest of the interview.
The interviewer wants you to provide a brief review of yourself, your career, your education, job experience and key skills.
Learn more on the video guide.

The question can be asked in different ways:
“Tell me about yourself”
“Tell us about yourself”
“Please tell me more about yourself”
“Tell about yourself”

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