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5 Tips for Making a Big Career Change

5 Tips for Making a Big Career Change
Maybe the job you thought would make you happy causes you nothing but stress, and you're dreaming of taking on a new career path. The problem is, making a complete career change, especially going from … Before taking the leap to change careers and …
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From Interview Gaffes To Why Stubborn Kids Succeed: January's Top Leadership
1. You Should Plan On Switching Jobs Every Three Years For The Rest Of Your Life. "If you don't change jobs every three years, you don't develop the skills of getting a job quickly." 2. These Are The Top 25 Jobs In The U.S. This Year. Mobile developer …
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SNHU Online Career Counseling: Helping Students Achieve Great Things
Students and alumni benefit from online career counseling, with personalized assistance in creating career goals, cover letters and resumes, learning about social and in-person networking, interview skills, elevator pitches and more. The best part is …
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DOCTOR VOX – Heatstroke [FREE DOWNLOAD] No Copyright Music

DOCTOR VOX - Heatstroke [FREE DOWNLOAD] No Copyright Music

Doctor VOX – Frontier [FREE DOWNLOAD] No Copyright Music
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How to Speak English Fluently at a Job Interview and at Work

Thank you for watching. For more free English lessons, go to
If you would like to practice English with native speakers for free, please visit: is an online community for learning foreign languages. You can learn and practice foreign languages for free, ask a quick question, find native language exchange partners, make new international friends, discuss and share your knowledge on the Language Forums.
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Preventing Sudden Death in Sport

Exertional heat stroke is one of the leading causes of sudden death in sport. The mission of the Korey Stringer Institute is to provide first-rate information, resources, assistance and advocacy for the prevention of sudden death in sport, especially as it relates to exertional heat stroke.

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Lastest Top 10 Interview Questions And Answers News

10 Stupid Interview Questions And How To Answer Them
I asked Chase to lay out a list of stupid questions and to share his wisdom about how job candidates can best answer them. Here are 10 questions that interviewers have asked and the answers he recommends. Three of them are negative questions and the …
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10 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring a Product Manager
“A good product manager is the CEO of the product. A good product manager takes full responsibility and measures themselves in terms of the success of the product. They are responsible for right product/right time and all that entails. Bad product …

Health a concern as heatwave intensifies

Health a concern as heatwave intensifies
With temperatures expected to reach an excruciating 40 degrees in parts of the country this week, residents have been urged to take precautions to prevent heat exhaustion. The South African Weather Service has issued a heatwave warning … “Severe heat …
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Incident Scene Rehabilitation: a Leadership Challenge
However, excessive heat stress can be dangerous because of increased levels of dehydration, a breakdown of the thermoregulatory system (heat stroke), and increased cardiovascular strain. All firefighting leads to increased … Yet, even with these …

Hardcore adventurer explores Himalayas on foot, lives to tell the tale
He needed every ounce of training during the Nile mission when Matthew Power, an American journalist covering a leg of his journey for Men's Journal, developed heatstroke and died in a remote reserve in northern Uganda. Wood gave him first aid, called …

Cool Down First

Exertional Heat Illness – Heat illness prevention is a team effort between coaches, parents, and athletes. Be sure to hydrate properly when playing sports indoors and outdoors
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101 Great Answers To The Toughest Interview Questions ©

This is an excellent guide to attend interviews. 101 Great Answers To The Toughest Interview Questions contains a collection of all possible interview questions and how to answer and face them in a typical interview. A prospective job seeker can also get excellent tips to cracking hard interview questions in this video.

Learn to crack your interview today!

The interviewing process is a kind of sale. In this case, you are the product—and the salesperson. If you show up unprepared to talk about your unique features and benefits, you’re not likely to motivate an interviewer to “buy.”

The sad fact is that many job candidates are unprepared to talk about themselves. You may have mailed a gorgeous resume and cover letter. You may be wearing the perfect clothes on the day of the interview. But if you can’t convince the interviewer—face to face—that you are the right person for the job, you aren’t likely to make the sale.

Too many candidates hesitate after the first open-ended question, then stumble and stutter their way through a disjointed litany of resume “sound bites.” Other interviewees recite canned replies that only highlight their memory skills.

The days of filling out the standard application and chatting your way through one or two interviews are gone. These days, interviewers and hiring managers are reluctant to leave anything to chance. Many have begun to experiment with the latest techniques for data-gathering and analysis. For employers, interviewing has become a full-fledged science.

More employers seem to be looking for a special kind of employee—someone with experience, confidence, and the initiative to learn what he or she needs to know. Someone who requires very little supervision. Someone with a hands-on attitude—from beginning to end.

Because employers can’t tell all that from a job application and a handshake, here’s what they’re making you do:

Pass the test(s). You’ll probably have to go through more interviews than your predecessors for the same job—no matter what your level of expertise. Knowledge and experience still give you an inside edge. But these days, you’ll need stamina, too. Your honesty, your intelligence, your mental health—even the toxicity of your blood—may be measured before you can be considered fully assessed.

Brave more interviews. You may also have to tiptoe through a mine field of different types of interview situations—and keep your head—to survive as a new hire.

Don’t go out and subscribe to a human resources journal. Just do all you can to remain confident and flexible—and ready with your answers. No matter what kind of interview you find yourself in, this approach should carry you through with flying colors.

Let’s take a brief, no-consequences tour of the interview circuit.

What (Who) are You Up Against?

There are three predominant interviewing types or styles: the Telephone Screener, the Human Screen, and the Manager. Which is which, and why would someone be considered one or the other? While personal temperament is one factor, the adoption of one or the other style is primarily a function of the interviewer’s role in the organization and his or her daily workload.

The Human Screen

Many human resource and personnel professionals fall into this category. For these people, interviewing is not simply just a once-a-quarter or once-a-month event, but rather a key part of their daily job description. They meet and interview many people,
and are more likely than either of the other two categories to consider an exceptional applicant for more than one possible opening within the organization.

A primary objective of the Human Screen is to develop a strong group of candidates for Managers (see category three) to interview in person. To do this, of course, they must fend off many applicants and callers—a daunting task, because the Human Screen or the department in which he or she works is often the only contact provided in employment advertisements.

Among the most common reasons for removal from the Human Screen’s “hot” list are: lack of formal or informal qualifications as outlined in the organization’s job description; sudden changes in hiring priorities and personnel requirements; poor performance during the in-person interview itself; and inaction due to the Human Screen’s uncertainty about your current status or contact information. That last reason is more common than you might imagine. Human Screens are constantly swamped with phone calls, resumes, and unannounced visits from hopeful applicants. Odds are that despite their best efforts, they sometimes lose track of qualified people.

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Want to land a job at Netflix? You'll have to answer these tough questions first

Want to land a job at Netflix? You'll have to answer these tough questions first
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