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Heat Illness Prevention & Treatment Video

Heat Illness Prevention and Treatment Recommendations for Employers in Warm-weather

Safety training on heat stress

Health and safety at the forefront

Health and safety at the forefront
#In a US News and World report article, a total of 40 high school football players have died from heat stroke since 1995, with five of those deaths occurring in 2011, and dozens more are hospitalized each year with heat-related illness, according to …
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Q&A: Obama's narrowly confirmed surgeon general on fostering a culture of
Dr. Vivek Murthy: The surgeon general has played an important role. In the eyes of the public, the role of the surgeon general is important in addressing key issues like obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes, the opioid addiction that is ravaging …

Consumer Reports points to bacteria in ground beef, while USDA and other
WASHINGTON, Aug. 25, 2015 – A new study from Consumer Reports (CR), the organization known for investigating and rating all sorts of consumer goods from cars to countertops, found high levels of what they deemed “dangerous” strains of bacteria in …
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Leaders strive to keep Soldiers safe from heat injuries
The Fluid Replacement and Work/Rest Guide within the Heat Illness Prevention Guide advises work-to-rest ratios, as well as how many quarts of water per hour should be consumed when the WBGT is high. Additional mitigation factors include immersion …
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The Palin / Trump Interview: Fluff Piece Extraordinaire

The Palin / Trump Interview: Fluff Piece Extraordinaire
Or maybe you didn't mean them…. The rest of the short interview covered 1. The Christian Church is being persecuted. 2. Planned Parenthood should be defunded. 3. The US has propped up nasty bad people in an effort to affect situations overseas …
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First international career fair planned for this fall
… help international students prepare for the career fair. The first event is scheduled for Sept. 8 at 7 p.m. and will feature a keynote speaker giving a presentation to students on how to prepare things like a job interview, resume, cover letter or …
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Lee's Summit H.S. football player gives up playing after frightening heat stroke

Lee's Summit H.S. football player gives up playing after frightening heat stroke
LEES SUMMIT, Mo – A former Lee's Summit West football player will never take the field again after suffering a heat stroke last year. Jacob Williamson collapsed at practice one year ago Thursday. After several months of rehab, he's recovered, but he …

How To Prevent Heat Stroke | Health Tips | Educational Video

Heat stroke is the most serious form of heat injury and is considered a medical emergency. It is caused due to exposure to high temperatures, So in this video you will find some good ways to prevent it.

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The information on this channel is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care.You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems.Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your or your child’s condition.
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How to Prevent a Heat Stroke - Tamil

TAMIL: Prevent a heat stroke by staying hydrated. Learn other tips on treating and preventing a heat stroke to keep yourself healthy and safe.


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Interview Skills – Why should we hire you? The unbeatable answer!

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Pooja Meets HR Manager Namrata for an Interview for the position of a customer service executive
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Ground Beef Contains Dangerous Bacteria, Study Finds

Ground Beef Contains Dangerous Bacteria, Study Finds
While most bacteria in meat can be killed when cooked correctly, many Americans prefer to eat their meat rare, putting them at a greater risk for illness—especially when the meat comes from conventionally raised cows, which are treated with …
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PAWS Humane urges owners to have pets spayed/neutered
"Some of the major health benefits of spaying or neutering would be that by spaying females prior to their first heat cycle can drastically reduce their chances of mammary cancer later in life. It also prevents the chances of … That is not true says …
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Lastest How To Prevent Heatstroke News

Protect pets from heat stroke in sweltering weather
If the cat shows signs of heat exhaustion, spray them with cool (not cold) water avoiding eyes and nose and get them to the vet. She said rodents — also called pocket pets — tend to not overheat, so residents need not worry for the most part about them.
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The Department of Human Services Tips on Heat Stress
During heat stroke the body does not have the ability to cool itself down. It has lost the ability to sweat. The body is unable to respond to the excessive heat. Often the body temperature can reach 106 degrees, which can result in death or permanent …
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5 Myths About Leaving Kids in Cars and 5 Tips to Prevent Heatstroke
Heatstroke is one of the leading causes of death among children. And no matter how impossible it may seem, even the best of parents can forget their kids in the backseat of their car. With another case Wednesday of a child left in an unattended vehicle …
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The Worst Thing You Can Do In A Job Interview

The Worst Thing You Can Do In A Job Interview
You'd find a gelato place and sit and enjoy your gelato and the day rather than subject yourself to the interview process most job-seekers have to endure. That's why I don't tell job-seekers “Just be yourself at the job interview!” Being yourself is …
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The real reasons you get asked stupid job interview questions
I recently read about how to respond to stupid interview questions and thought, but “Why do you get asked stupid questions in the first place?” You may reason that asking trick questions gives the interviewer the upper hand, or the interviewer wants to …
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Secretly Taped Job Interview May Offer Disturbing Reason Why Man Didn't Get Job
Two men apply for the same job. The first man has little work experience and no trucking license — even though the role requires driving. The other man has three years' experience in a warehouse, has driven a truck and enjoys learning about cars. One …
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When job interview hurdles turn into exploitation
Alexandra, 26, a marketing coordinator based in Washington D.C., has to carefully ration her vacation time for job interviews, occasionally calling in sick or taking half days off on the pretext of a doctor's appointment or car repair. She recently …
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California Heat Illness Prevention Study Testimonial by Scott Long

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