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Heat Stroke Awareness Day reminds people to be educated about heat risks

Heat Stroke Awareness Day reminds people to be educated about heat risks
(WIAT) — July 31 is Heat Stroke Awareness Day, and even though our heat and humidity won't be as bad as in recent days, it's always a good idea to be educated about the risks of heat stroke as we continue into summer. Heatstroke is clinically defined …
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Dogs susceptible to heat stroke
It's hard to believe that approximately two weeks ago, he nearly died of heat stroke. The dog was discovered by Karren Ewing, Adams County Sheriff's Office Victims Assistance Coordinator. Ewing, who renamed the dog Foster, said a neighbor called the …
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Lastest Job Interview Overseas News

P&G's New CEO Confronts Lafley's Unfinished Turnaround
s David Taylor, named to the chief executive officer job on Tuesday, won't have an easy time completing the turnaround effort of his predecessor. When Taylor officially takes the helm on Nov. … “The top priority for him is to operationalize and …
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Subaru's secret: Low-paid foreign workers in gueling conditions power an
He asked that his place of employment not be identified. A copy of Dhaka court documents translated into English show that Shekh was indicted back home in Bangladesh under the country's explosive materials laws. In his asylum application documents, the …
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OSHA Launches 2015 Heat Illness Prevention Program

OSHA Launches 2015 Heat Illness Prevention Program
Citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Michaels said 61 people died in heat-related incidents in 2011, the year OSHA first launched its heat illness prevention campaign. The figure fell in 2012 and 2013, to 31 and 34, respectively …
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What employers can do to protect employees from heat-related illness
Although OSHA has no heat illness prevention standard, Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (“OSH Act”), known as the General Duty Clause, requires employers to provide their employees with a workplace free from recognized …
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Haddam fire: Heat exhaustion could lead to heat stroke in high temps
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that a person suffering from heat exhaustion move to a cooler location, lie down and loosen clothes, apply cool, wet cloths to as much of your body as possible and sip water. If vomiting has …
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Heat Stroke: What you need to know

Heat Stroke: What you need to know
TORONTO — Temperatures are rising across the country, with many regions experiencing extreme heat warnings this week. Accordingly, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about heat stroke — what exactly it is, and how people can prevent it.

SensorSafe child car seat helps prevent heatstroke death
An average of 38 children die each year in hot cars. That means one child dies every nine days because a driver forgot about them in the backseat, according to Technology to prevent vehicular hyperthermia deaths has failed — until now.
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Prevent heatstroke in children and pets by looking before locking vehicles
That's why the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office has joined with the National Sheriffs' Association and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to help reduce these deaths by reminding parents and caregivers about the dangers of heatstroke and …
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Heatstroke Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Maisie Williams, Stephen Dorff Movie HD

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Heatstroke Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Maisie Williams, Stephen Dorff Movie HD

On a family trip in the African desert, a research scientist unintentionally travels off course and is brutally murdered by an arms dealer. His girlfriend is put to the ultimate survival test as she attempts to evade the killers and protect his teenage daughter.

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Heat Illness Prevention – Spanish

Este DVD, de 9 minutos de duración, presenta algunos de los temas más importantes sobre la prevención y respuesta adecuada a las enfermedades causadas por el calor. Muestra a trabajadores de tres diferentes oficios (agricultura, construcción y jardinería) e incluye a trabajadores que hablan español, mixteco, punjabi y hmong. (El DVD está disponible en esos cuatro idiomas, además de inglés.) Lo acompaña una guía de diálogo para que facilite una conversación breve sobre el tema.
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Orientation to Heat-Illness Prevention: This FELS-produced video explains what causes heat illness, what can be done to prevent it, what to watch for when working in hot weather, and what to do if someone gets heat illness. The video is intended to assist employers to comply with Cal/OSHA heat-illness prevention training requirement. Recorded in English and Spanish. (12:30 minutes):
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Inappropriate Job Interview – Ownage Pranks

Tyrone interviews a cheerleader who applied to a job listing I created on Craigslist for “Rakesh’s Bangalorian Cuisine”. Get ready for the more ridiculous interview ever. Subscribe to catch my future videos! A CRAZY Rakesh prank is planned for next week 🙂

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Using the right words to talk about yourself in a job interview or on your resume/CV will help you to get the job! There’s nothing secret about this. If you learn the right words, you will sound more impressive to the employer than someone who is not using these words. Sound accomplished in your next interview by pulling out the impressive words from today’s video. I’ll teach you how to use words like committed, implement, launch, and many more. Enhance your vocabulary now, and GET THAT JOB! Take the quiz here:


Hello, folks. Welcome back to, where today, I’m going to be presenting to you some of the very best words in the English language to be putting into your applications for work, and also directly into your CVs and resumÈs. CVs is the name in the UK; resumÈ would be the word in America for your list of work, achievements, and titles. So, what I’m going to be doing today is talking through a list of adjectives to describe yourself in a covering letter. We’re going to be looking at good words for saying what you are able to do, and some good verbs for describing what you did in your last job. Hope it helps you get that important job.

So, when it comes to talking about yourself… By the way, I just want to make sure because I want you to remember these words after the lesson, so just before we start talking about these words, can you make sure you write them down? Okay? So just write them down on a scrap of paper, and then you’ll have them afterwards as well. Okay? Maybe press pause. And welcome back.

So, “accomplished”, now, this can be a verb or an adjective. The noun would be an accomplishment, I’ll write that here. An accomplishment is like an achievement, it’s something good that you have done. So, this is obviously in the past simple if I’m using it as a verb. I accomplished whatever. But if I’m talking about it as an adjective, I would say: “I am an accomplished editor, having worked for five years as…” Okay? This is a really useful sort of grammatical structure when you’re saying what you can do. “Having worked as…” Okay? There should be sort of a space in here. Or: “Having done this for so many years.” So if you want to… “Having worked as”, whatever the job title is and then the amount of years or months. Okay? So, you either accomplished something or you are an accomplished engineer, computer programmer, whatever it is that you do. I’m sure it’s something cool.

Obviously, you have an advanced level of English because you’ve been watching Benjamin on engVid. Yeah? So, “advanced” is an adjective to describe when you’re really good at something. “I am an advanced judo player.” Yeah? “I am an advanced karate.” Yeah? Advanced is pretty good.

“Committed”, yeah? Committed. Everyone go like this, committed. Yeah? That means I turn up every day. I don’t take any sick days. Yeah? Going to get physical today guys, going to get off your bums, making some moves. Committed, you turn up every day. So this can also be used as a verb. So you could be committed to. “I am committed to my wife.” Yeah? “I am committed to the Green Party”, whatever it is. The Conservatives, labour. Yeah? Committed to is when you have… You give your… Give yourself to something. Yeah? But if you are using it as an adjective: “I am a committed person”, means I turn up every day.

“Promoted”, so this is probably a word you would stick into the resumÈ. Yeah? Or the CV. So: “I worked at Lloyds Bank and within… Within six months, I was promoted.” Everyone go like this, promoted. It means lifted up. Okay? You go up. Promoted. Okay? So, within six months, I was promoted. So in a covering letter, you can talk… You can talk shit and say you’re really great. So I was promoted which shows that I am an accomplished, an accomplished blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever it is, the job you do.

Now, when we’re talking about what you can do, here are some useful little verbs. So, “provide” means provide, I give analysis, provide analysis. “Analysis” is the looking at the positives, the minus. Yeah? You’re kind of looking at a scientist with your spectacles, what’s good, what’s bad. Provide, give analysis. Yeah?

“Deliver”, again, let’s think about our newspaper boy, he delivers the newspaper through, you know, puts it by your door. Maybe in America, you see him delivering like this. So, you can either think deliver or deliver. Yeah? Deliver. In the context of a resumÈ, you could deliver… Deliver excellence. You could deliver a program of. Yeah? You can deliver a training program. Yeah? A training. Something you did. This is what we’re avoiding. We are avoiding: “can”, “do”, and “make” because you’re not beginners anymore. You are my advanced students, so we’re going to used advanced verbs. Okay?

How to Prevent a Heat Stroke

Prevent a heat stroke by staying hydrated. Learn other tips on treating and preventing a heat stroke to keep yourself healthy and safe.


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How to Prevent Heat Stroke

Mike talks about preventing heat stroke as the temperature rises.


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Hey guys! Here are some quick tips to help you find work after moving abroad or if you are planning on moving abroad 🙂
Not all tips apply to all jobs, so bear that in mind!

1. Research thoroughly
2. It may be easier if you are already based in that country
3. Networking is key
4. Visit places in person
5. Get a reference from new country
6. Search for a job before you move
7. Format CV specific to country
8. Use local websites and newspapers
9. Look up interview methods and etiquette specific to country
10. Stay positive!

Hope this helps some of you out, let me know in the comments!
Thanks for watching, see you again next week 🙂

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